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3 reasons why your first dates keep disappearing without a trace

Adonijah Nziwa
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Have you ever gone on a date with a man only for him to disappear afterwards? 

Well, some men get pissed off by women’s weird behaviour to the point that they cannot imagine a second date.

It is normal for Kenyan men to go silent even after they have met you and promised not to disappoint you forever.

Here’s why your first dates keep disappearing without a trace:

1. They are not ready for commitment

Most men do not want to be committed.

 If you keep asking them about their future plans, they are likely to go silent after the date. 

You need to know how to approach the same before things fall apart.

2. They were cheating

A cheating man is likely to disappear if he realises you are not going to live up to his expectations. 

He would rather walk away than wait for a moment of embarrassment. 

Cheaters often want easy going women so that they can accomplish their missing very fast.

3. You are too demanding

Too many demands can make a man lose interest in you. 

Do not table many demands when you have just known each other.  

Avoid telling him some things until you get used to each other.



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-Adonijah Nziwa

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