A fisherman claims that he swam for 15 kilometres in Lake Victoria.

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Ben Wandera the, fisherman, was reportedly escaping from Ugandan Police after he was ambushed fishing in Majanji Beach on the Ugandan side.

The latter who hails from Buduong'i village in Funyula, Busia county said that he was forced to do the same after the police landed on him and his colleagues with beatings.

With the use of his life jacket, he said, he managed to get away, leaving behind his three colleagues who were arrested.

"My colleagues who were at the front of the boat were hard hit but as some of the officers approached me, I grabbed a lifesaver jacket from our boat and dived into the lake,” he is quoted by the Nation.

He said that the officers who were using a civilian boat were armed with firearms and crude weapons.

“They (the soldiers) ambushed us when we were casting our fishing nets and started hitting us with clubs. They were about ten officers in an ordinary boat armed with guns and machetes," he added.

The man who claims to have swum to Sio Port now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and deploy marine forces to protect Kenyans.

He claimed that they are being harassed by Ugandan forces.