Renowned political analyst Prof Herman Manyora has explained the reason behind President Uhuru Kenyatta's outburst on Sunday

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Manyora says that Uhuru's anger stems from growing rebellion from Central Kenya which is attributed to a growing support base for Deputy President William Ruto.

This, said the analyst, has angered Uhuru because DP Ruto seems to be gaining footage in a region where he hails from and which he once wielded so much power politically.

"If it was just Alice (Wahome), Ichungwa and Ndindi Nyoro Uhuru would not be bothered. Uhuru is angry and bothered because today the ground in Mt. Kenya is for Ruto," Manyora said while speaking during an interview with NTV on Monday.

The succession debate has since given birth to two factions, Tangatanga and Kieleweke teams where the latter is opposed to a Ruto presidency while Tangatanga supports his bid.

Manyora now opines that this defiance, especially from the tangatanga wing, appears to be well-received by the common mwananchi in the region putting the handshake in limbo.

"For the first time, we have a significant number of Mt. Kenya leaders who are going against the grain. It’s the majority of elected leaders, what is scaring the handshake leadership is that they seem to be resonating well with the ground," he adds.