A section of Nakuru residents have accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of trading insults to those who differ with him.

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While crisscrossing Nakuru’s CBD led by Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri, the residents accused Uhuru of insulting them despite touring the county several times in 2017 to ‘beg’ for their votes.

“We are agitated that Uhuru can call us washenzi while in Mombasa where he did not even get votes. When he wanted votes, he came here begging but now that he is in state house he is calling us washenzi. Ni sawa, tumekubali sisi ni washenzi vile tuling’ang’ana kukupigia kura twice,” Fred Kiumbuku, one of the residents, said.

The residents were reacting to remarks made by the head of state on Monday while opening Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa.

Uhuru warned certain ‘washenzi’ to leave him alone.

A section of Jubilee supporters has interpreted the President’s remark as a reference to them.

“The President must lead with decorum. He cannot keep insulting those who differ with him. He kept calling Raila a mad man, now he is calling us washenzi because we are asking for development. Our message today is clear, stop the insults Uhuru,” Emily Chege said.

MP Ngunjiri said, sarcastically, that he was happy to be a ‘mushenzi’.