The faceless cop Hessy wa Dandora has in the recent past been trending for exposing and ruthlessly dealing with criminals in Nairobi.

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Together with other 'cops' Hessy runs one Facebook group that should be suspended with immediate effect. This specific page is the Nairobi Crime Free.

This group has been encouraging the execution of suspected criminals without considering available evidence. 

Furthermore, the youths are subjected to bullet shots without any trial or even a trace of investigations conducted.

Another reason as to why this group should be censored and subsequently closed is the unwarranted exposure of suspects' faces and explicit images of executed victims lying in pools of blood.

Families in Kibera and other slum areas have been crying for justice to their loved ones felled by Hessy. 

Some of the felled youths are university students who would otherwise be promising leaders of tomorrow.

The interior ministry should crackdown on this faceless unprofessional corp. It should also document the number of individuals that have so far been felled down by Hessy and the events surrounding such executions.

Failure to do this, Nairobi youths will continue losing their precious lives at the hands of rogue Hessy.