When visiting Kisii land you should be aware that there are different types of Kisii men.

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These men differ in one or the other.

However, since most of the people have no clue amount the different types of Kisii men available in Kisii land, we are going to list four three types of them.

1. Abagirango

Most of these men are found in a place called Tabaka which in other words means land of soapstone.

For this guys, their accent is said to be archaic. In their talks, they frequently miss the letter “T” and commonly use “D”.

They know how to take care of a family.

2. Ababasi

These type of Kisii men are known to own funny names.

They own names such as Onyoni, Otwori, Arasi just but a few.

These type of men are said to stone more so heartless.

However, they are romantic. Also, these men are blessed with brains in that, if you are a lady in need of a bright guy, then ababasi are the guys.

3. The Abasamaro

Majority of these men are found in Nyamira. 

These guys are known to be popular for preferring Ugali in the morning. 

However, there are great guys and are talented cooks.