Kenyans on Twitter have expressed anger after a tweep wished ailing Kibra MP Ken Okoth death.

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Okoth, who was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer, is currently receiving treatment at the Paris Cancer Centre in France.

Kenyans have been empathising and praying for the young MP who has publicly come out to declare his health status and encourage others suffering from the same ailment not to give up.

However, a tweep identified as Lawrence Mwangi has slammed the legislator for seeking treatment in Europe at a time Kenyans have been starving to death.

In a tweet which has elicited mixed reactions, Mwangi accused local politicians of being greedy and wished death to strike them all.

"In the meantime, Kenyans continue to languish in poverty and hunger while these MPs seek medical attention abroad. As much as I wouldn't wish illness on anyone, maybe gluttonous MPs deserve to leave us," he tweeted.

But in a quick rejoinder on Monday, Okoth observed life is a gift from God and only Him who has the "final word" on everyone's destiny.

"In God's good time we all shall leave. Jehovah has the final word. Be blessed abundantly," the Kibra legislator posted.

The remarks by Mwangi were condemned by a section of Kenyans who termed him as heartless for wishing the ailing MP death.

"Lawrence, nobody (not even the worst of them all) deserve to hear such words when they're fighting for their life. If I were you, I'd take those words fast because the universe picks them up and serve them back to you especially because you've said them against a very good kind man," said Vera Science.

Others noted the tweet was offensive and urged Mwangi to apologise.

"That's low my brother, and lower for a Christian. Show love," posted Lizard Wokabi.