Surviving in the city on one job can at times be very difficult owing to the high cost of living.

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In Nairobi for instance, most residents spend roughly 200 shillings in transport daily, which translates to about Sh6,000 monthly.

In addition to transport, one has to pay rent, set aside some cash for food, education, and other personal needs.

Considering that not everyone in the nation has a well-paying job, these expenses may not be manageable on one job especially if it doesn't pay so well.

However, some people have learnt the art of engaging in multiple jobs to bridge the gap and provide for their families.

Here are ways to successfully pursue more than one career:

1. Learn how to multitask

You don't need to switch your brain from coding to learning how to write, educate your brain the need to kill two birds with one stone.

2. Balance your time well

Have your schedule well planned and write down your various tasks, so that you don't end up wasting much time doing what you enjoy most.

3. Make sacrifices

Nothing comes on a silver plate, your efforts will decide what you achieve, thus a need to sacrifice off the things which are not important.