Nominated Jubilee party senator Millicent Omanga has defended her dress code. 

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Ms Omanga, while speaking during a radio interview at Radio Jambo on Wednesday, urged those questioning her dress code to mind their own business. 

"My dress code has nothing to do with my political life. I should dress in a style that I feel comfortable with. A section of Kenyans and politicians dwelling so much on my dress code should consider finding something constructive to do to help build their lives," she noted. 

According to her, she is a married woman who has respect to everyone. 

"I should be respected the same way I respect others. Anyone who feels offended because I wear 'skimpily' should also go to a boutique to buy his or her own clothes to wear," she stated.  

The vocal politician vowed to continue fighting for the women's rights.

"I won't succumb to criticism. I am committed to ensure the rights of women are not violated. More women should also join the current women in the political field to compete with men," she noted.  

She warned male politicians against undermining women politicians.