His name is Issac Nyamwamu, a bus conductor operating along Nairobi- Githurai route. 

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The strange habit of eating boiled eggs together with their shells developed eight years back when he grew fond of the hen's by-product. On this very occasion, he buys 5 to 8 eggs regularly -on daily basis- and hands them to his wife of eight years, Damaris,  who does the cooking. 

Initially, the eggs are washed properly and then boiled with salt. 

After cooling to normal food temperature, Nyamwamu consumes the eggs together with the shells. Strange as it may sound, he thinks of it as a normal trait because the shells contain large amounts of mineral elements like calcium which the body readily needs for development of strong and healthy bones.

This bizarre egg eating habit has led to daily budgeting of  around 7 eggs in his basket. He buys each egg at between Sh10 and Sh11.

"Kusema ukweli vile nimekula mayai saa  hii, mwili umechangamka," says Issac. With his unusual habit, his wife has learned to tolerate him.

She ensures that eggs are part of her husband's diet.

Where he operates, his work colleagues and friends don't  think of him as a stranger but he's highly welcomed and even some have ended up giving him nickname, 'eggman'.  

Nyamwamu hopes that this, "egg-eating talent", as he calls, it will one day put his name in the Guinness Book of Records.   

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