Residents in Soy division, Keiyo South Sub-County are a worried lot after huge cracks which stretch for several kilometres emerged in the area.

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The cracks have worsened due to the heavy rains being witnessed in the area, prompting residents to relocate to other areas over the fear that the cracks could cause landslides.

Mr David Mengich, a resident from Kapsegut village, told the Standard that people have moved away and settled in the Elgeyo escarpment for their safety. 

“The cracks are dangerous and people and animals can easily fall into them. I moved my family out a few days ago when the cracks widened. The ongoing rains have worsened the situation,” said Mengich

The cracks have been spotted in Kapsegut, Ketigoi and Kalwal villages. 

The fissures have also affected some of the roads in the area, making them impassable. 

Mr Thomas Kipngeno, another resident, pointed out that rumbling can be heard on the ground when it's quiet.

“In a still night, one can hear rumbling on the ground as if there is an earthquake. We fear the worst might happen and the entire region could be hard hit someday,” said Kipngeno.This comes at a time when the Meteorological Department has warned Kenyans of heavy rainfall across various parts of the country. 

People living in landslide-prone areas have been urged to seek safer shelter during this rainy season.