Concentrating while in a lecture hall is something that doesn't happen naturally. It requires one to be not only psychologically prepared for the lesson but also avoids things likely to distract one's attention.

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While in the lecture hall, students have to conquer many temptations that happen to present themselves just to make one not to concentrate. However, there are simple tips that one can adhere to in order to fully concentrate in a particular lecture.

Here are some of the tips that makes one not to concentrate well while in a lecture hall;

1. Chatting while in class

Most university students are privileged as they are allowed to carry their phones to class during lectures. However, most students misuse this opportunity by chatting when the lectures are still on. As a result, these students lose their attention from what they are being taught and end up to have heard nothing.

2. Chewing

Chewing in the lecture hall is a practice that is common with most students. There is no way that one can be chewing and still concentrate on what it's being taught. When chewing, the concentration of the brain drifts towards eating and becomes hard to give attention to your lecturer.

3. Telling stories with friends

Unfortunately, during lectures, this is the time that most students see best to be telling stories. This is something that destroys the education life of most students and also a good relationship between lecturers and students.

It is automatic that one cannot tell stories and at the same time concentrate.