The Imenti House saga will not be forgotten any time soon. The story is still making rounds on social media with many Nairobians coming up with different videos and memes before linking and likening them to Imenti House.

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Indeed what was in that video was messy, noisier and some of its causalities included Kenyans widely sharing the video. It is also said some women are forcing their men to copy what the Imenti House man was doing and paste in their bedroom.

From a social media point of view, most women and even some men agreed that the unknown guy gave an electrifying performance every woman can want. It was like watching Real Madrid playing against Barcelona in an El Classico match.

This is proved with so many videos and memes being created by Kenyans over the same, with the latest being a young man who has come out to take 'full responsibility' of what happened at Imenti.

The young man has released a video of him confessing to be the guy in the Imenti House Saga video.

More so, he says he had not eaten anything night before the performance, adding that that show was his poorest ever.

Even though the video is meant for fun and entertainment, the young man has costumed himself until he exactly looked like the real man.

Here is the video.