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Imenti House: These are the trending memes and jokes

Movich Ahimo
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Imenti House. [Source/Gilbert Mwale Facebook]

Ever wondered what Kenyans would be discussing and how they would be discussing it without the internet and social media?

Just a few hours after the 'leak' of a video wrongly purported to be from Imenti House, Nairobians have been busy making jokes and memes from the said trend. 

Here are some of them:

Zax Oguda posted: "We are no longer going to use Imenti House to give directions in this city. Imagine telling your female friend 'kuja hapa Imenti' or still "Niko hapa Imenti".....Just tell your lost friend to meet you anywhere but not near Imenti.Good people please just meet here at Ambasedeur."

Joseph Clavers said: "Navile madem wengi Leo walikua waende shopping hapo Imenti ku buy hair band. Alafu waiangushe juu atakaye Cha mvunguni"

Mahianyu wa Wangui said: "I may seam alright but deep inside i want to pull an Imenti House challenge..."

Now memes.

Most of those who commented on the matter on social media promised that a lot was in the cooking for the memes. 

But that was not before angels could LEFT people from heaven WhatsApp groups. 

[Source/ItsLebuh Instagram]

And Yoga styles baptised anew. 

[Source/Kim_Karatasian IG]

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