Laban Kinuthia popularly known by his stage name Salim Young is the latest entrant into music from the renowned one-man-guitar playing Salim family.

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The family which can be equated to the Jamaican Morgan Heritage reggae family is widely credited for introducing to Kenya, the concept of playing One Man Guitar or 'Mugithi' in the Kikuyu entertainment scene.

The Salim family prides of big names in Kikuyu secular music like the late Salim Junior, Mighty Salim, Sarafina Salim and now Salim Young.

Salim Young who was born in 1990, is the youngest of brothers and was introduced to music by their father, Salim Senior, who is currently a businessman and music instruments tutor.

According to a local blog, Young was inspired by his father alongside guitar maestro the late Sammy Muraya of Subukia Success band.

“That man’s songs inspired me a lot and I can remember seeing him when I was younger. My late brother Salim Junior worked at Sammy Muraya’s studio in River Road," Young is quoted by the blog.

He further recalls picking a guitar and trying to play tunes while still in nursery school after which his dad and elder brothers taught him till he perfected his guitar playing skills.

In high school, Salim Young says he would wake up at 5 am and before going to school, practised for 30 minutes as their home had all sorts of musical instruments owing to their dad's musical inclinations.

"I accessed the guitar at a very early age. That exposure, research and practice aided me to learn various guitar chords and styles while growing up," he says.

Today, just like the rest of his singing family member, Young plays 'Mugithi' and on tracks of other musicians like his sister and bandmate Sarafina Salim.

Additionally, he plays keyboard, bass and lead guitar and has a couple of big tunes like 'Ngatho' which are currently receiving massive airplay on Kikuyu media outlets and on various entertainment joints across the country.

Courtesy of his music and One Man Guitar shows he performs in various entertainment joints, the 29-year-old says he is able to settle his bills and meet other day-to-day expenses.

Young also runs a band alongside his elder sister, Sarafina, through which they perform Mugithi shows together, with him playing lead and rhythm guitar.