For some time now, many political analysts have been of the idea that Deputy President William Ruto can easily depend on the sympathy vote to realise his 2022 presidential bid in the instance that President Uhuru Kenyatta betrays him.

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However, opposition boss Raila Odinga is likely to garner more sympathy votes in the instance that they faceoff in the race, as unlike the DP, Raila has many solid reasons to be pitied.

Ruto's only excuse would be that Uhuru promised to back him but has now abandoned him, which would not convince many voters to support him.

However, if we were to go that way, then Raila can easily begin from 1966 when founding father and Uhuru's dad Jomo Kenyatta betrayed his father Jaramogi Oginga, who was his (Jomo) vice president and even banned him from politics.

It is worth noting that Oginga rejected the colonial government's premier offer, which would have automatically made him president, and advocated for Kenyatta's release from jail so that he can lead Kenyans.

In 2002, Raila made a pact with retired President Mwai Kibaki, which was again broken, resulting in the 2007 clashes after the two faced off in the presidential election, and Raila cried foul citing rigging.

Therefore, if Kenyans will have to vote their president on grounds of pity, then Raila will be the man to beat in the race.

Also, Raila has a history of working for the nation and even found himself in jail while advocating for multipartyism in the 80s, an excuse he can use to seek sympathy.

The DP was on the other hand nowhere to be seen at the time, and when he appeared, he joined President Moi's side, at a time when Moi was a single-party advocater and a semi-dictator.

Being teargassed in the streets of Nairobi ahead of the 2017 elections is another reason Raila can use to seek the sympathy vote.

His failed presidential bids is another reason why he would easily beat the DP who will be making his first stab at the presidency.

However, this depends on if both vie for the top seat.