Rima Gichoga is the latest survivor of Nairobi-Mombasa highway road accident. 

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She is a woman who till now can’t believe her luck after her vehicle was crushed by a truck in Syokimau. 

To her, it’s a miracle. She can’t believe what would have happened if her daughter wasn’t there.

As reported by a Citizen, Mrs Gichoga says that she had parked her car on a service lane off Syokimau junction with her baby already in distress

“She usually cries a lot, and when that happens she starts throwing up so I parked the car to check up on her. And then I saw the container as it started to tip over, I didn’t even think about it, I just grabbed the child and fell out onto the side of the car,” she said.

She was rushed up to the nearby hospital by one of the taxi drivers where she was examined and treated.

She now thanks God for giving her another chance to smile and live. She believes that she has a bigger purpose on earth after surviving the accident

“I don’t know why God spared me, but I know there’s a reason. I can’t let someone else go through what I went through,” she adds.