Lions are among the big cats found in different parts of the country and they are famously referred to as the king of the jungle.

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Their social organization and division of labor are unique and here are interesting facts about the king of the jungle.

Lions are listed as vulnerable under the IUCN Red list of threatened species. Their main danger is habitat loss, however, they are the most social among the big cats as they exist in groups of about 15-20 lions. 

These groups form what is referred to as lion prides. Pride members identify one another through roaring. They know the roar of each member which makes it easy to identify intruders. 

Male lions are the leaders and defend the pride's territory. On the other hand, female lions lead in hunting and if the male lion is around during a kill, it will be the first to eat.

Moreover, the roar of the male lion is used as a warning sign for other male lions. The roars are used as a mark of territory ownership. The roar travels for approximately 8 km.

Studies have shown that a lion can run at a speed of 50 mph, however, they are just capable of covering short distances.

The male lion or a pair of brothers or cousins will lead pride for two years. After the leader(s) is toppled in pride take over, new leader(s) takes control of the pride.

In order to increase their chances of remaining at the top for a longer duration of time, male lions kill all young male cubs that were sired by the previous male.

The darkness of the mane of the male lion is used in estimating its age. Older male lions have darker manes.

The best hunting time for lions is at night. After a heavy meal, a lion can sleep for 20 hours during the day.