NTV reporter Silas Apollo and his cameraman Dickson Onyango have this morning been rescued after being trapped at the Riverside attack for over 12 hours. 

The duo was in the area for an interview when the attack happened. 

Speaking after being rescued, Apollo noted that he together with other victims hid in washrooms to avoid being killed by the criminals. 

"It's been a scary one. It's one of the things you see in a movie until you get entangled in the entire thing. I was stuck inside a washroom with some few guys. We spent 12 hours. The security officers were evacuating officers floor by floor, our building was the last one.

After being saved, they get your details, identification number, residence, e.t.c. They have confiscated our items. Our cameras and mobile phones were taken probably for identification," he said in a video shared by NTV.

According to Apollo, about 30 people were rescued together with him.

Earlier on, NTV reporter had been updating his colleagues on the on-goings at the building where he had been trapped. In a series of WhatsApp messages quoted by Nation, the journalist explained that the situation in the building was bad.

“They have been combing the building and shooting aimlessly. It’s too scary to imagine. I’m inside the building, which is under attack. It’s real guys. Had gone to interview CRA guys, I’m too scared for my life. It’s silent now, though we can hear somebody trying to break the doors. We don’t know where the attackers are and what they are up to. We are crammed inside the toilet with a number of guys. I’m very scared,” he said.