Life is full of imbalances, there are people who are filthy rich and who live luxurious lives and yet there are people who are extremely poor and struggle to make ends meet. 

However, through hard work, savings and God's blessings, poor people have broken bonds of poverty and moved from grass to grace becoming richest and renown people in the country.

These are some of the renown Rift Valley politicians from humble backgrounds who are now filthy rich; 

William Ruto 

The self-proclaimed 'hustler' is a true testimony of from grass to grace story. Ruto spent his youthful days selling chicken to motorists in Kambi Kuku along the busiest Eldoret-Malaba highway. He is now among the wealthiest and renown men in Kenya with vast five-star hotels, shares in corporate organizations, jets etc. Though critics have been questioning the source of his vast wealth, Ruto has always answered them wisely by saying one does not need a godfather to be wealthy but God the father is the one who gives. 

Oscar Sudi 

He is a flamboyant Member of Parliament for Kapseret constituency in Uasin Gishu who rolls in fame, money, power and controversies. Before his fortunes, he was a faceless hustler, a son of a charcoal dealer. Sudi used his bicycle to ferry charcoal to clients. He also worked as a cattle herder and a tout to supplement his income. Now known for his massive wealth, Sudi surprised many when he invited DP Ruto years back to open his house worth over Sh100 millions. He has been photographed flaunting huge sums of money in his hand on several occasions. Though the source of his wealthy remains a story for the other day, Sudi is another testimony of from grass to grace.