Increased cases of lovers killing their partners have taken the country by shock.The murder of Ivy Wangechi, a 25-year-old medical student at Moi University, a fortnight ago has sent tongues wagging and a fiery debate raging.Wangechi was in her sixth year and was practising medicine at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.From her murder and several others reported within the week, a psychologist from Kiambu, Gladys Chania, explains the rationale behind the recent killings.According to the psychologist, lack of self-love and lack of parental mentorship has been the main cause of these killings by youths. She likens this to a situation where the victims of love gone sour have to look for love and affection outside their immediate families.As a result, they end venting their frustration by doing the unthinkable, murder being one of it."When you love yourself, you get pride that chases away obsession to another person," she says adding that, “parents need to mentor their children on relationships and at the same time get close to their children so that the kids can reap enough love from their DNA to stop forcefully craving external love that in real sense should come naturally."Chania, who also doubles up as a Kiambu-based politician during the exclusive interview with Hivisasa, noted that frequent relationship talks should be encouraged at home, media, churches and in other forums to guide the growing society on different ways of dealing with different issues as they escalate in love.She, however, cited that the lack of communication and know-it-all attitude has led any lovers into frustration."In short what has lacked is the communication between our young people and the experienced. Our youth have a know-it-all attitude so they ignore to seek advice from the older terming them analogue,” she observed.

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