Kilifi North MP Owen Baya has dismissed leaders from Kilifi county who are pushing for the expulsion of Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

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Baya said that it is a sad situation to see leaders from the coast region divided and celebrating whenever one of their own is in a political dilemma, instead of coming together to help fight the problem for the betterment of the people represented.

“The county has more important and pressing issues that need the unity of all county leaders for solutions to be realised. Because of our continuous political differences where everyone wants to be seen better than the other, we are ever behind. This must stop,” he said.

The legislator called on the leaders to cool down and shun from making the Malindi by-election topic a debate of the day.

According to Baya, by-elections derail important development efforts that are meant to benefit the locals. He asked opponents to give Jumwa the platform to serve the people of Malindi.

Baya said, “we are forgetting that many development projects were stopped when Malindi was forced to go for a by-election in 2016 because we wasted almost a whole year politicking and campaigning. Malindi people now require a break and feel the importance of having a leader for five years.”