Siaya Senator and Senate minority leader James Orengo has undoubtedly been a close confidant of opposition chief Raila Odinga for long.

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One does not need a microscope to spot the war of words between deputy president Dr. William Ruto and Raila. It is growing daily.

The outspoken long-serving and an experienced lawyer has taken sides in this war and has now openly commenced defending Raila. 

The three visible ways he is doing this are by responding to anti-Raila remarks from the DP’s camp.

Recently Orengo challenged the DP to go to the DCI and record a statement about the mega dams’ project and its scandal. 

He challenged the DP to stop mentioning Raila and carry his own cross. 

That is a clear indication that Orengo has taken centre stage in the Ruto-Raila war.

He is also doing this by pushing for constitutional amendments that will make it tough for the DP to win the 2022 presidency.

Raila’s camp wants a referendum that will pave the way for the creation of more political positions. 

This is seen as an intention to involve poll losers in government. 

Despite the DP’s camp openly dismissing the suggestion, Orengo has taken them on by insisting that there must be a referendum.

Orengo has also openly declared that Raila is eligible to vie for the top seat in the 2022 polls.

He has been vocal about Raila’s candidature in the next presidential elections.

He has convinced the electorate of Kisumu, Siaya and other Nyanza regions to continue rallying behind Raila’s political moves. 

His role, therefore, is to ensure the confidence of the Luo Nyanza electorate in Raila is intact or increases notably. 

He is doing so by using political forums he gets to preach Raila’s ability to take Kenya to the next level and silencing Raila’s critics.