Police in Waithaka are alleged to have gunned down a Tuk Tuk operator in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday under unclear circumstances.

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According to Adonai area residents in Kawangware, Richard Kiarie was shot dead at around 4:30 am as he left for work. 

His body was found lifeless less than a kilometre away from the Kinyanjui police station.

Following the incident, there were protests by tuk-tuk drivers and bodaboda riders in the area demanding answers over their colleague's death.

The neighbours say Richard had woken up early enough, a few minutes after one of his neighbours (also a Tuk Tuk driver) had left for work at around 4:30 am.

Tuk-tuks block Kinyanjui road in Kawangware to protest a driver's shooting on Saturday morning [Source: Mokaya Benjamin]

"After five minutes from the time they were leaving, we heard gunshots. His phone was off and when we went to the road, we found his body on the road with blood spilled next to his Tuk Tuk," a neighbour said.

Police dispersed the mid-morning protests, turning away the agitated riders who were demanding to know why Richard had been killed.

"All we want is justice. We went to the police station demanding answers but all they did is chase us like we were dogs. To us, this is a case of extrajudicial killings," said Joe Kagai, a tuk-tuk driver.

The deceased was a family man but lived alone at Adonai. 

He was shot dead a few metres away from his house and none of his family members could be reached at the time.