In relationships, it is believed that women get mad easily to their men but, men to get mad to their women depending on the situation.

Some of the things that women do that make men mad are such as; not answering their calls, failing to show up on a planned meeting, talking about your ex and the list continues.

If it happens that you are the cause of him being mad, you will be required to make it up in order for him to smile again.

Here are some of the ways in which one can make her boyfriend smile when he’s mad;

1. Hug him tight

When a man is mad, he only needs something small to light him up. In that case, when your boyfriend is mad, giving him a tight hug plus light kisses will definitely warm him up and smile again.

2. Cook for him

Another best way of cheering your boyfriend when mad is by cooking for him his best meal. By doing so, he will automatically lack a reason to continue being mad and finally open up with a smile.

3. Say sorry, and mean it

If you are the one on the fault, it is always good to let the person whom you’ve hurt know how sorry you are about it. That way, he can be able to forgive and put it in the past.