We all love gifts because they are a sign of love, appreciation, they bring joy and invoke old memories. 

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With all those aspects, why would we be discouraged to accept them?

Well, Pastor Leonard Ongoro from Migosi Pentecostal Church has an answer.

He believes that gifts are now being used to break dreams, relationships, and marriages.

Preaching on Sunday during a service in Migosi, he explained that nowadays people with evil minds are now using gifts to destroy other peoples’ marriage and dreams.

According to him, many marriages have broken up after weddings because people are accepting gifts from people with unclear intentions.

“Not all people love us. We forget that. Not everyone like what you do or where you are heading to. And here, we invite them to our birthday parties, our weddings, graduations. Even, Jesus was good, but some people never liked his work. Who are you?” he said.

They then take gifts to sorcerers, witch doctors, and other powers to tear apart marriages and kill dreams. 

“Do everything in that party and wedding, but be careful when it comes to gifts. Marriages break up a week after the wedding. What’s that? Graduates go for thirty years without a job. Is that very normal to you? We need to speak about this today. Wake up,” he added.

He went ahead to discourage the congregation from accepting gifts from people whose intentions are not known.