Owners and drivers of lorries ferrying mourners in Malindi during burial convoys should apply for Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license or else they risk arrest, Malindi OCPD Matawa Muchangi has said. Police said the lorries and motorcycles are notorious for breaking traffic rules when ferrying mourners from morgues to places of burial.Addressing the press in his office, the OCPD said that rogue motorcycle riders and lorry drivers carrying mourners have been misinterpreting the exemption of ferrying caskets and bereaved families during the burial convoys to endanger lives of many people by overloading mourners.He said, “while a lorry or a pickup is licensed to carry only the driver and the core driver or conductor as human beings, a motorcycle is licensed to carry only one passenger.”According to Muchangi, 80% of motorcycle riders from Malindi do not possess driving license. “Not only should the lorries transporting mourners be PSV license holders but also be insured to carry passengers and installed with safety belts for the mourners to be safe because we are going to enforce the law,” Muchangi said on Tuesday.#hivisasaoriginal

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