Controversial Nairobi politician Steve Mbogo is now blaming the police for doing a poor job.

This comes a day after detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) impounded his vehicle for allegedly having the wrong registration number.

The DCI announced on Friday that it had nabbed the white Range Rover with registration number KCL830A, a number that according to the law enforcers belong to a Toyota Probox vehicle.

Responding to the claims on Saturday, the former Starehe parliamentary hopeful said that he has been using the vehicle for two years undisrupted.

He wondered why it is only now that the police are doubting the legality of the vehicle's registration number.

"If anything, I have been driving this vehicle for two years now, and if the [registration and security] systems were working well, then the discrepancy should have been settled a long time ago,” Mbogo was quoted by the Standard.

He also notes that he bought the vehicle from a local car dealer, poking holes into the DCI's claims that he switched the number plate to avoid paying the importation tax.

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ally argued that the tax should have been cleared by the dealer and that the vehicle has been approved by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

Meanwhile, the owner of the said Probox vehicle has been identified as Bett and claims to have bought the vehicle in 2017, from another person.

“Hello Am the owner of the said the Probox vehicle with registration number KCL 830A which is sharing the same with the impounded Range Rover. I bought the Toyota Probox from Wesley Kones July 2017, therefore, I own it," said Bett.