Kilifi security committee wants fake pastors and medicine men in Kilifi arrested and prosecuted for inciting the killing of 29 elders in Rabai within a span of two-years on allegations of practicing witch-craft.

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Led by Kilifi County Commissioner Magu Mutindika, the security team said that fake pastors and medicine men are behind the incitement of the community, especially youths.

This was revealed during a sensitisation workshop organised by Haki Yetu, a non-governmental organisation, to deliberate on how to end killings of elders in Rabai on claims of practicing witchcraft.

Speaking to the press during the workshop at Rabai, Mutindika called for the arrest and prosecution of the people claiming to be ‘prophets’ and ‘medicine men’ for inciting the public.

“In some cases, they demand money from families to conduct special prayers to drive away evil and reveal the witchcraft’s identity,” he said “this is a backward ideology and their days are numbered.”

Mutindika revealed that most of the medicine men come from Tanzania and urged the public to be on high alert to avoid being victims by their propaganda that has led to hate and bloodshed.

“It is puzzling that Rabai is one of the places where Christianity started in Kenya, but people here still believe in witchcraft,” he said in reference to Rabai Mission which was established by a European missionary, Dr. Ludwig Kraft in 1846.

Gabriel Dolan, a human rights activist, and Haki Yetu director asked the county government not to relent in the fight against fake pastors preaching negative issues which harm the community.

“The issue of fake pastors inciting the public to lynch and kill members of the community claiming God has revealed they are wicked is something new in the society. We are going to support the government to punish them.”

Mr. Justus Wanyama, the Haki Yetu project coordinator said the sensitisation programme has proved successful in Ganda, Goshi, Matuga, Uwanja Ndege, Mantovani in Kilifi and Kwale Counties.