A section of Gusii leaders has backed calls for a constitutional referendum.

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Leaders among them Kisii County MP Janet Ongera and Bomachoge Chache MP Alfa Miruka yesterday said they solidly supported calls for the constitutional review.

Speaking separately, Kisii County Deputy Governor Joash Maangi urged for caution and sobriety in the raging debate for referendum calls.

Speaking in her Kisii office, Ms Ongera said the clamour gaining momentum on constitutional review was grounded on the need create ‘a level political playing field’ and ‘break the vicious cycle of electoral vote theft that had been plaguing the country’ for decades.

She welcomed DP William Ruto's turn to back referendum calls saying he had wisened up.

“We have so many Kenyans who strongly feel there are loopholes in this constitution are exploited to cause electoral mischief we see in elections. Let us not ignore these people, they have a reason,” said Ong’era in Kisii.

The MP  said those rooting for the amendments want to see an end to ‘rot and confusion that constantly feature on the elections’’ urging more politicians to support the referendum calls.

Bomachoge MP Alfa Miruka, though he supports the changes, he thinks the timing is wrong.

“I truly support but the timing is not the best. The country does not have sufficient cash for the exercise as at now," said Miruka.

He added that; “The government is bloated and there is need to do the chopping, they should, however, spare the Counties,”

Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, on his part, said he was willing to support the referendum on condition.

“But even as I support we need to ask who is clamouring for these changes, personally am yet to see Mwanachi in this. No Kenyan has faulted this system yet and that is why though I support the call I do with reservation,” Mr Maangi said in his office.