Luos are social people that are surrounded by stereotypes that arise among them or from other communities.

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They include the baseless narratives that they love luxury and costly lives among others.

Referring to them using names founded on such grounds can offend them, resulting in retaliation or anger.

However, here are some of the polite nicknames you can use to refer to them.

1. Onagi

Onagi is among the most popular nicknames Luos use on each other.

It originates from the word 'nago', the traditional form of Luo rite of passage where they had six of their lower tooth extracted.

This brings out Luos as people who have remained true to their tradition and is a nickname outsider can embrace.

2. Jokanyanam

At times Luos call each other Jokanyanam, a name that translates to 'people from the lake'.

It's one of the oldest names Luos have allocated themselves.

It is also a polite nickname that you can be sure to get hospitality from Luo friends should you adopt it.

3. Omera

This is common among men and translates to my 'brother'.

However, it can also be used to alert a person, bringing out the 'hey' or 'you' image.

Unlike some other nicknames were given to these people by other communities which are more of stereotypic and abusive, this has no insulting proponent.