21-year-old Nyatgouth Nyar is a stressed girl after an unexpected ordeal made her husband to reject her.

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Nyar got married to Peter Gatkuoth in December 2017 and a huge dowry price was paid as it is a norm in the Sudanese culture. Gatkuoth then got a job in the United States of America (USA) and rented a posh home for his new wife in Eldoret’s Kapsoya estate.

Thomas Magok, a cousin to Gatkuoth, revealed that he used to live in the house with Nyar alongside a number of her relatives. 

“There was a time early last month when we realized that Nyar was having an intimate affair with another Sudanese man in the neighbourhood but we were not sure,” Magok said.

He revealed how he secretly noticed that Nyar was pregnant for the man who was not her husband, a DNA test was done and it was confirmed to be true.

Nyar was chased out of the house immediately and is now reportedly living with her parents in Kakuma. Her husband rejected her as a result and ordered her to vacate the house.

According to the Sudanese culture, adultery is a serious offence that can cost a marriage and has severe punishment attached to it.

Gatkuoth is planning to fly back to Kenya before Valentine’s Day so as to be present when the dowry will be being returned. 

“In situations like that, there is no option but to return the dowry, it is an abomination and our culture do not condone it at all that is why the process of returning the dowry is underway; Nyar has shamed us,” said Joy Baluek, a cousin to Nyar who was living with her.

With the marriage between Nyar and Gatkuoth officially cancelled, the lady will have to undergo a holy ritual in South Sudan so as to be forgiven for that abomination.