Although your choice of underwear maybe hidden from everyone, what you choose is as important as the clothes you choose to wear.

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A woman’s underwear is a personal choice and can be used to reveal her secret identity. This is what your panty says about you;

Granny panties

This shows that you like being comfortable and you don’t care what others say or think about you. This can also be interpreted that you are taken and you are not in line to impress other people.


This shows that you are confident in yourself and you do not care about what other people think about it. This is for women who are sexy and know it, they know what they want and how to go for it.

Boy shorts

These are for ladies who do not have time for choosing panties and are only interested in feeling comfortable. This is also for girls who are sporty and enjoy doing things that are done by boys. This is mostly associated with tomboys.

Bikini bottom

This shows that you are responsible and you like keeping everything in order. This also shows that you are a go-getter and you don’t like making mistakes.


This simply means that you choose to be free and you don’t like been restricted to anything and not even an underwear can stop that.