Deputy President William Ruto is a man under siege, judging by his current position in the middle of attacks and at the center of corruption scandal allegations.

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At the same time, he has already made known his ambitions for the top seat in the approaching 2022 elections, as he seeks to succeed the outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta.

But the DP stands a very low chance of winning the seat if not none, considering that he is battling one of the worst allegations, involvement in corruption and theft of monies.

Though yet to be confirmed, Ruto has repeatedly been accused of being behind major scandals and was recently ranked the most corrupt by an Ipsos Synovate poll conducted last year.

And since the narrative has been in circulation for too long and repeatedly, it's very likely to be absorbed by the voters, leading to them isolating him in 2022.

Ruto has also surrounded himself with people who instead of bringing more people closer, are pushing even the people he badly needs to win the elections further away.

From President Uhuru Kenyatta to opposition leader Raila Odinga, they have been attacking everyone, which might render the DP all alone by 2022, making it very hard to win.

Judging by the Kenyan politics scene where most people vote on tribal lines, his inability to keep friends, alongside his loose tongue will see him approach the race alone.

Actually, it's very likely that the people he has been attacking will unite against him and terribly thrash him in the elections.

His other blunder is assuming that his weekly tours to some regions initially considered opposition bedrocks will translate to votes come 2022.

For instance, he has been touring Coast and Western regions without considering to pull area kingpins to his side, instead concentrating on lower ranked MPs and Senators.

It's very likely that these regions will coil back to their ethnic allegiances come 2022 and vote as per the requests of their kingpins, making him a loser.

Thanks to these blunders, he will badly lose come 2022 if not terribly.