iPhone 11 was officially released on Tuesday in an event that was live on YouTube. 

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Judging by the rumours, leaks, and reports surrounding the release, iPhone will most likely bless us with a variety of new features through the release of its new iPhone 11.

Here are the things you should expect from iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro;

1. A new object tracker

iPhone will release a new object tracker that would be far better than the already known tile which works with the iPhone 11.

2. Triple Rare cameras

The biggest and the loudest at feature is the triple rare cameras that are expected to come with the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro Max. The regular iPhone 11 is expected to be a replacement for the iPhone XR. In line with reports, the sophisticated iPhones should have three rare cameras with one of the cameras having an ultra-wide lens.

3. A big emphasis on video

A good video lightens up the mood. Some say that a phone without a video may feel void and boring. iPhone must have noticed the consumer need towards video features without hesitation. We are obliged to expect an added feature that would enable us to retouch, proceed to apply effects, reframe a particular video even in the midst of live recording.

4. Faster A 13 processor

We should expect all the three iPhones to have a feature of Apple's new A 13 processor. This processor is to perform substantially more faster than today's android.