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Things you aren't doing in the shower, but should be

Arangi P. Arangi
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People have different shower habits. Some people spend only a few minutes in the shower while others take longer. 

Some people reflect on their lives while in shower rooms.  

The place provides us with a sweet time to be alone. 

It offers the perfect privacy one would ever need. 

However, do you want to make your shower experience more exciting? 

Here are some things you are not doing but should be doing:

1. Tweezing in the shower

If you want to cut or trim your facial hair, the ideal place to do it is in the shower.

The experience might be less painful since the hot steam softens the pores.

2. Cutting your nails

There is a lot of benefits when cutting your nails in the shower. 

You get to feel the ease of getting rid of them when they are wet rather than when they are dry. 

Secondly, you get to finish your grooming all at once.

3. Applying body oil

When you apply body oil while in the shower, it gets absorbed easily into your skin when your body is wet. 

Your body becomes more moisturised compared to applying oil when the body is dry.

4. Applying facial scrub

Applying facial scrubs and facial masks while in the shower is so effective. 

Your skin gets exfoliated easily and better. 

Secondly,  you get to use a product that is better than soap.

5. Meditating

This is the perfect place to think of every little aspect of your life. 

It is also the perfect place to think out loud, without fear that you will appear insane.  

Meditating provides us with a chance to reflect on the things we did as well as those we didn't.#MyLifestyle

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-Arangi P. Arangi

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