A family from Mbiuni village in Mwala sub-county, Machakos has appealed to the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to come to their rescue after their houses were demolished five months ago.

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According to the family, their houses were demolished by a section of some disgruntled family members who hired goons to perpetrate the act.

Led by Elizabeth Kanini, the family told journalists on Thursday that despite reporting that the matter to the police, no action has been taken until now.

 "Until now, nothing has been done. The police have remained mum over the issue when they should have arrested the people," said Kanini. 

She said there is enough evidence to put the perpetrators behind bars. 

She also disclosed that the matter was reported to FIDA in Nairobi but it has remained pending.

 "The whole village is aware of the incident. The police have been reluctant in coming to our aid who do we turn to if not the IG. We urge him to hear our cry," she said.

 She said that those who carried out the demolition are bent on grabbing the land. She says that she and her family are living in fear and their lives have taken another direction.

 "When we are asked to leave a place we have lived for many years, where are we expected to go to? We won't relent but fight till the end," she maintained.