Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has thrown the nation into a spin after giving two different statements regarding the 2022 presidential elections in a span of two days.

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Siaya Senator and one of the party's most senior members James Orengo on Wednesday claimed that the party is in coalition talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta regarding 2022.

But the same was faulted by the party National Chair John Mbadi a day later, noting that the party is in no such talks with any bloc, leave alone Uhuru.

To many, this translates to confusion within the opposition leader Raila Odinga-led side but is actually more of a strategic plan aimed at strengthening the party in advance.

Pundits have repeatedly predicted a possible union between the two in the coming elections, meaning that Orengo might have been right after all in his unsolicited claims.

But It appears that the Senator spilt the beans too early, a mistake that had to be corrected before causing more trouble in the already troubled and polarized political arena.

It was to prevent the party from more bashings and suspicions from the Deputy President William Ruto-led side which has been worried about the Uhuru-Raila truce all along.

And to save Raila, who might be running for the presidency again, from being blamed for breaking the Jubilee party, the upcoming alliance must be hidden for the time being.

The party is aware that Ruto will obviously use the former Prime Minister's name and brand him all sorts of names, which might hinder his winning chances when he finally joins the race.

Also, this could be a plan to prevent the political temperatures that were very likely to rise after the declaration, as pundits begin predicting what might follow as Kenyans follow closely.

If approved, the claims will be a contradiction to the remarks that Raila and Uhuru have been making lately in calling for political calm and urging politicians to concentrate on service to Kenyans.

It would appear that the two are preaching water and drinking wine, and are preaching political calm while political organizing alliances.

Therefore, Orengo's remarks had to be disowned as soon as possible for the benefit of both leaders.