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Never say these 3 things to a police officer

Arangi P. Arangi
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Many Kenyans land in more trouble with police officers because of the things they say. 

Police officers are normal human beings, and they deserve to be respected. 

It is their duty to maintain law and order

Make sure you cooperate with them when necessary. 

Watch out your tongue lest you land in jail for speaking ill of them.

Never say these three things to a Kenyan police officer:

1. “I know you want money.”

Most Kenyans assume that police officers always want to be bribed. 

Some people even remind the police that they pay their salaries. 

You can find yourself in the wrong end of the law for attempting to bribe an officer.

Admit your mistakes and wait for the next action when arrested over anything.

2. “I know my rights.”

Most people are fond of reminding police officers that they know their rights. 

It sounds rude to tell an officer such a statement.

 In simple terms, you are reminding the officer that he or she is illiterate of your rights or wants to take advantage of your ignorance.

 Desist from making such remarks when talking to a police officer.

3. “I only took one beer, how can I be drunk.”

 Have you ever been arrested for drunk driving? 

The alcoblow machines are there to determine your level of drunkenness.

 There is no way you can lie when the device is showing something else. 

Accept the mistake and face the law.


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-Arangi P. Arangi

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