(Kennedy Mong'are Okong'o was the first Nyamira Senator. He is also the National Liberal Party leader)

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It is sad that after almost 60 of independence, an agricultural country like Kenya cannot afford a meal a day for some of her citizens.

We pride ourselves on the strides made on infrastructure, the sky scrappers in Nairobi, the improved road network to the recently recycled standard gauge railway which is arguably the worst project in recent times as it almost mortgages vital port establishment to the Chinese and places every Kenyan and child on a debt roll.

What astounded me most is the year after year of frail looking Kenyans from some parts which seem not to be in Kenya.

The sorry state of our brothers and sisters from Baringo, Turkana and West Pokot is sad. 

What’s even worse is the fact that there is no one to bury them; they are left to the vultures.

It is mind boggling when Turkana which has a population of fewer than one million people and receives over Sh6 billion over the last six years has its people die of starvation.

Most of the monies disappeared into peoples pockets. The county government’s priority was misplaced as it spent most of the money on imaginary infrastructure.

There was no plan on how to mitigate such eventualities save for a good job done by former Marsabit Governor Ukur Yattani who instituted a food security structure in his county.

However, for Turkana, Baringo and West Pokot, pictures of her people dying of hunger should be a matter of history.

It is shameful to see national and county governments year after year behaves like charitable organizations whereas it is the core mandate of such government to feed her people. 

For the Deputy President William Ruto to parade government ministers and tell the world that the situation is better than last year; it is indeed shameful, to say the least.

The irony of it all is that there is a lot of maize rotting in stores because farmers get poor pay by the government yet innocent Kenyans are losing their lives for lack of food.

A time has come when citizens of the same economic status should rise and break the chains of economic slavery because of political machinations by our leaders.

The writing is on the wall for the current power brokers and the government of the day; doomsday is approaching and the price will be heavy!