For women, choosing the appropriate dress code for the office can be hard. 

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It is important to avoid putting on casual wear when heading to the office.

Here are three ways to avoid looking inappropriate for the office.

1. Avoid low-cut and sleeveless tops

When it comes to tops, one should avoid wearing both sleeveless tops and tops that show too much cleavage.

To be professional, one should put on tops that cover most of their chest area.

2. Learn your company’s dress code

Most companies have a certain dress code that they usually advise their employees to stick to. 

To avoid dressing inappropriately, employees should try to stick to their company’s dress code.

3. Keep your skirts and dresses to your knees

Always remember to avoid mini-skirts at all cost. 

Always try as hard as possible to wear dresses and skirts that reach the knee or below.