Former Kitutu Chache MP aspirant Anthony Kibagendi was on Tuesday embroiled in an online spat with renowned activist and social media personality Samuel Okemwa.

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Kibagendi fired shots at Okemwa calling him a weakling with a lot of growing up to do, in a response to a post shared by the activist.

"You weakling seeking attention through trying to pull people down, when did I brag that I am whatever you are claiming up here? You have to try and pull me into every nonsense you post, you have a lot of growing up to do," said Kibagendi.

This comes after Okemwa shared a post by a social media user who claimed that Kibagendi was bragging about being a self-made millionaire.

"After Anthony Kibagendi bragged recently how he is a self-made millionaire, Sylvanus Osoro has shocked Kenyans after presenting fake academic credentials to the public... This is academic dishonesty and as a public servant he has lied," read the post in part.

Kibagendi has however refuted the claims, accusing Okemwa of being jealous.

"Samuel Okemwa being a millionaire is easy, it just means one has assets and liquid cash that cumulatively is worth a million bob. If you cut on your jealousy, envy, hatred and being idle to talk about people, you will easily become one, but you instead choose to be an idiot, '' added Kibagendi.

Kibagendi, who is a former Raila Odinga supporter, is widely considered to be one of Deputy President William Ruto's staunch allies.

In the 2017 polls, he campaigned for the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.