In Kenya, Akothee is a popular artist who has been caught up with different scenarios.

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In public, she seems the type of woman who cares less as long as she enjoys her life.

The mother of five has repeatedly done things that led to mixed reactions among Kenyans.

From her personal life, here are some of the things that can be learned by any single mum out there.

1. Your children come first

Akothee from time to time has proven that besides anything she has, her children come first.

This is something that should be envied by other single women in the country.

This way, one will end up having something to fight for on a daily basis.

2. Mindless what people say

When it comes to facing the wrath of what people had to say, Akothee has seen it all.

However, all the negative information that people say about her has never brought her down.

This is something that should be copied by all single mums.

By doing so, you will work hard to achieve your dreams, minding less about what people say.

3. Be open with how you feel

Akothee is one of those artists who never fear to open up. 

This way, people get to know what she likes and hate and it is up to them to decide on how to take it.