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3 reasons why women do crazy things to prove their point

Jasmine Die'rre
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Women are extraordinary beings, especially when it comes to making things happen their way. 

At some point in life, every man might have fallen victim of having a woman who does weird things just to make sure that things happen her way.

This is a habit that makes most women unique and strong in society.

It is through their crazy means that women have earned respect in the current society.

Some of the crazy stuff expected from women include; shouting, pretending to be mad, giving conditions, and also doing things with negligence.

But have you ever asked yourself why women have to do crazy stuff just for them to deliver a point?

Here are some of the reasons why women do crazy things as a way of airing their voice:

1. To prove they can’t be underestimated

When it comes to the current generation, it is unfortunate that women have not yet earned an equal position as that of men.

This is something that makes most men underestimate the power of women.

And for women to prove that they should not be underestimated, they pull crazy stunts to drive a point home.

2. To prove how much they care

Just like anybody else, women also have their own way of showing how much they care about something or someone.

For them, it is through their crazy habit of forcing one into something that may seem not to be good enough, but after all, it is for a good cause.

3. For something to be done for them

It is common that men tend to forget doing things for their women, and this ends up hurting most of them.

As a result, women in most cases will end up taking a step by acting crazy just to remind their men that sometimes she should get a retreat.


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