Kamba women are no doubt among the most beautiful in the country.

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They know how to make their men feel their true love and maintain them in a relationship. There are things that will make them run away from you when done to them in a relationship. 

Here are three of them:

1. Wrangle her

Unnecessary all time argument is an enemy of any successful relationship. It makes someone feel uncomfortable and unloved. Most Kamba women hate violent men, someone who can slap her whenever they have an argument.  A peaceful mind and true love is what they want in a relationship. 

2. Mistrust 

Trust is one of the key things that make a relationship successful. Most women from the Ukambani region like associating with trust-able men who they can rely on in a relationship. Someone who will never let her shed tears nor regret. Mistrusting her will be a major mistake that will cost your life as she will leave you with your relationship.

3. Playing with her mind

Kamba women are always serious about relationships. They love being with someone who appreciates their efforts and makes them happy always in a relationship. Cheating on her will be a huge mistake that will make you regret your entire life. Be serious with her, shower her with more love and you will enjoy your relationship.