Political analyst Prof Herman Manyora now says that it will be very hard for Deputy President William Ruto's opposers to block him from the presidency.

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Ruto has openly declared that he will be going for the top post and is currently considered one of the frontrunners and possible successors of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Manyora on Saturday opined that it will be very hard to stop him, as he appears to have already done everything to seal his victory, and should not be expected to let it go.

He likened the DP to a man who has successfully wooed a lady and is taking her home with him, only for some people to attempt to snatch her away from him.

"William Ruto is that kind of s guy who is going home with a girl, he has successfully seduced a girl and he is taking the girl home," he said on his YouTube analysis channel.

Referring to the anti-Ruto Kieleweke group, he advised that the bloc should expect a vicious fight from the DP in their attempts to scuttle his ambitions.

"My friend, you won't take that girl from William Ruto. He will die with the girl in the hand," he added.

Kieleweke faction is deemed to consist forces allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his critic cum ally, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party boss Raila Odinga.