Last week, Makueni Women Representative Rose Museo urged Kamba women to go to bed without their underwear in order to satisfy their men.

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However, sleeping without underwear can actually be good for your health. Below are some benefits:

1.Increases quality of sleep

When we sleep, our body temperatures change from time to time. This process can be interfered by the clothes you wear to bed which causes the tossing and turning or sometimes lack of sleep. In order to avoid this, it’s advisable to sleep without clothes.

2.Promotes better quality of sperms

If you are a man and you are interested in becoming a father in the future then you should start sleeping without your underwear. 

The testicle is an organ that is responsible for producing sperm. It needs a certain stable temperature to be able to produce high-quality sperm. 

Sleeping with underwears will not give your body enough temperature.

3.Maintains healthy weight

According to a study published in the Journal of Diabetes, sleeping without clothes help people who want to lose their weight by igniting the metabolism. 

Cooler body temperatures will ensure that your body responds to all the necessary organs in order to lose calories.

4.Improves hygiene

Sleeping causes someone to produce a lot of sweat; this may open your body to germs and bacterias. 

It’s advisable to avoid sleeping with clothes especially the ones you wore during the day.

5.Protects crotch area against bacteria

The crotch is one of the sweatiest parts of the body and this part tends to be home to bacterias because of warmth and moisture. 

Skipping underwears at nights will ensure that even the bacteria that were trapped during the day are released.