It is now close to two years since Janet Mbugua quit her job at Citizen TV. However, she set to return to the screens after several days of Vlogging.

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Janet revealed that she will soon be back on the TV screens, during an interactive question and answer session on her Vlog.

Janet Mbugua who resigned from Citizen TV on April 10, 2017 has been co-hosting a show dubbed 'Mums village' since August. She shares the content on Youtube and Facebook.

She actually left her job after close to six years working as an anchor, when she was already expectant with her second son Mali Mwaura. She then gave birth on the 17th of September.

Apparently, the mother of two said that she was not totally exiting the media industry but was taking a small break then would resume, and later in her blog explained that she needed to time to be with her young son and newly wedded husband.

She, however, didn't come out clearly to reveal when she will make the comeback and on which television station, but said, “I am, (making a comeback) maybe not in the way that people were used to seeing me and that’s all I’m gonna say about that."