A 20-year-old Nakuru woman who was sexually assaulted by two gospel musicians has come out to seek financial assistance.

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Speaking to NTV on Sunday, the woman who sought anonymity claimed that she was lured into having a threesome during a meeting in Nairobi with DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid.

She alleged that DK Kwenye Beat had a second steamy session with her on a different date and infected her with STI.

According to the young woman, after the encounter with DK, she noticed blisters and thought she got hurt while having sex.

She immediately contacted DK Kwenye Beat and was advised to go to the hospital for check-up as DK promised to pay the hospital bill.

The results from the hospital confirmed that she was infected with an STI after having unprotected sex with DK.

“When I called him after having a reaction he said I have to go to the hospital for check-up and then inform him how much it would cost so that he can send me the money for the hospital bill. The person went missing on me and he stopped picking my calls and replying my texts,” she said.

The Nakuru woman is now appealing for financial assistance to meet her medical bills.

She further urged the two gospel artistes to take responsibility and help pay her medical bills.

“These people who defiled me, they should be responsible, they should be helping and not just leaving me out there to the dogs. They should fully or at least partially cater for my medical bills,” she added.