Mohamed Hussein Aden, a suspect in the attempted murder of former Garissa Finance Minister Idris Mukhtar is a highly trained former military officer, a witness told a court on Wednesday.

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Aden is charged with conspiring to kill Mukhtar and his lawyer Charles Kanjama.

The suspect is charged alongside Juliet Njoki.

On Wednesday during the start of their trial, a witness told the court that Aden is a highly trained former military officer.

Mr John Wanjohi said the suspect is his former colleague in the military.

He informed the court that Aden left the military two years ago over unknown reasons.

The witness told the court how he was invited to a series of meetings by Aden that allegedly planned on how to eliminate Mukhtar.

Mukhtar survived assassination on August 19, 2018, when his car was sprayed with bullets.

He has a bullet lodged in his head and is still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

His family is demanding speedy justice.

The prosecution has lined up 25 witnesses in the trial.